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Welcome to bwCard

The bwCard project is carried out by the universities of Baden-Württemberg, sponsored by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts (MWK). The goal is a federation that enables the participating institutions to reliably integrate chip cards from the other institution into their own digital processes and services.

To this end, common rules and an infrastructure are to be created, exemplary services designed and future developments examined. Within the framework of the project, a production community will be established which, by bundling know-how and infrastructure, will offer the state's scientific institutions a simple and cost-efficient way of issuing their own chip cards. The regulations of the card federation as well as future developments, such as the European Student Card, are taken into account.

The project started in December 2018 and is scheduled to run for two years. KIT is in charge of the overall project management, while KIT and the Universities of Mannheim and Konstanz are in charge of individual topics. The project results are open to all Baden-Württemberg universities. Furthermore, all universities can participate in individual work packages already in the project phase in coordination with the project management.

The project is divided into three main topics:

  1. Federal cooperation: Reliable bwCard (lead-managed by KIT)
  2. Conception of pilot applications (lead-managed by University of Konstanz)
  3. Evaluation of an E-ID (lead-managed by University of Mannheim)

each with two work packages.



Closing event


The bwCard closing event took place on 9 December 2021.

You can find the slides of the event here.

Axel Maurer ist member of ESC "Project Advisory Board"

In the EU Commission's tender for the European Student Card Initiative, Lot 2 on the subject of "Development, introduction and support of the ESC" has been awarded to Everis / NTTData with a volume of 8 million euros. Axel Maurer will represent the interests of bwCard as a member of the "Project Advisory Board".

The first bwCard service is online

Since 2021/02/22 the first bwCard service is online. The service, which is now available, enables all partners and interested parties to use their university infrastructure and thus the technical requirements for participation in the bwCard federation to test.

European Student Card (ESC) on the rise in bwCard

In order to simplify the implementation of ESC, bwCard has achieved, in coordination with the ESC project management, that the personal data (ESI) is no longer displayed on the status page of ESC.