project objective

One of the most important factors in digitisation is the handling of digital identity and electronic identifiers. They must provide reliable information about the person who wishes to participate in the digital services. At the same time, it must be ensured that the informational self-determination of the person is always guaranteed.
Within the framework of bwCard, the universities will develop ideas on how these aspects can be approached conceptually. At the same time, however, concrete solutions for the universities themselves and the scientific landscape in Baden-Württemberg will also be derived. At the centre of this project is the implementation of a digital student ID that can be used across all institutions as an identity mark, for which the technical foundations have already been laid in a work package of the bwCMS project.

The aim of the bwCard project is to emphasise the cooperative aspect of shared and comprehensive chip card use. However, this is always accompanied by local implementation and clarification of the local processes required for this at the participating institutions.

project structure

The organisational framework of the bwCard project has been defined in such a way as to ensure that the management of the project, as well as permanent expansions and further developments, are guaranteed while all internal and cross-university requirements are met.

The Working Group of the Heads of the Scientific Computer Centres (ALWR) is responsible for project management within the framework of the AP structure specified in the project.

The progress of the project is reported in the regular partner forum of all institutions involved in the project. The project management invites you and sets the agenda (in agreement with those responsible for the work packages)