The tasks of the project will be divided into three main topics, which pursue different aspects of this topic:

  1. Federal cooperation: Reliable bwCard
    In this thematic focus, the focus is on the operational implementation of the Federation in varying depth. The first task here is to analyse which reliability requirements exist between the facilities and how the necessary measures for compliance with the respective degree of reliability can be implemented organisationally and technically (WP 1.1). WP 1.2 must implement both the framework conditions and the technical requirements of the production community, which represent the necessary degree of autonomy in the Community.
  2. Conception of pilot applications of the bwCard
    In addition to existing card applications, such as payment systems, access systems and library cards for local use, Topic 2 will focus on concepts for extending these card usage scenarios across all institutions and developing additional bwCard application scenarios.
  3. Evaluation of a bw E-ID
    The third main topic comprises the further development of the bwCard into a Baden-Württemberg E-ID, the basis of which will be the interaction of bwIDM and bwCard. Here, new possibilities will be explored as to how the topic of an integrated digital identity must be dealt with in the future, which meets the requirements of the universities and how these can be placed in the overall context of the existing E-ID initiatives and regulations, such as eIDAS or VeriMi.


The individual thematic focal points are dealt with in different work packages, whereby the individual work packages are led by one university in each case.