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bwCard project progress in brief

February 17th, 2020 (AP 2.2)
bwCard informationmeeting in Esslingen

January 27th, 2020
3nd partner forum bwCard in Mannheim

  • Overall project status
    The homepage of the project www.bwCard.de is now also available in English.
  • WP 1.1
    The changes in the architecture for the structure of the bwCard federation were presented and decided. It became clear that the indication of the EPPN is necessary for the online request of the card status.
    The RegApp of bwIDM was presented as a potential service portal for registration to bwCard services. A working group was set up for a more detailed examination.
    In order to identify the bwCard, a working group will clarify which number or identifier should be used in the future. The ability to integrate the card status into the IdP was identified as a prerequisite for participation in the bwCard card federation. A draft of a bwCard Federation Access Policy will be developed.  
  • WP 1.2
    Announcement of the bwCard-connector, which will lead to reduced technical effort at participating institutions.
    Presentation of the new licence agreement with Nexus to the production community. On the basis of this, a draft contract is prepared for the production association.
  • WP 2.1
    New findings regarding ESC through workshop on the project "MyAcademicID". In addition to the classification of the ESC in the overall project of an EU-wide academic identity, changes to the characteristics of the ESC were also communicated.
  • WP 2.2
    Considerations on a concept cashless campus were presented and a distinction was made between an open and a closed cash cycle. The functionalities of different providers were presented with regard to the support of the respective cash cycle and the offered support of administrative processes. A working group will be set up to clarify local payment processes.

January 22nd, 2020
First discussion on Uni Hohenheim participation in the bwCard production association (AP 1.2)

December 15th, 2019
Decision to merge the IDM and HISinOne connection models into a common process model at the AP 1.2. REST services are used for this model.

December 11th, 2019
Project discussion with the Universities Freiburg and Hohenheim (AP 1.2)

December 4th, 2019
Migration of the Karlsruhe University of Music to the bwCard production association (AP 1.2)
Completion of the migration project → The old "ProACT" system is switched off.

December 3rd, 2019
First discussion on PH Freiburg's participation in the bwCard production association (AP 1.2)

November 21st, 2019
Migration of the HS Karlsruhe to the bwCard production joint venture (AP 1.2)

November 20th/21st, 2019
Participation in the conference "Towards a European student eID".

Important findings:

  • The ESC is part of the EU's strategic approach to student mobility.
  • The ESI no longer needs to be printed on the card.
  • The ESC-R will be integrated into the existing academic infrastructure. If it is currently still operated at CNOUS, it will become the responsibility of GEANT. There, a federal operation at Member State level comparable to EDUGAIN is envisaged.

October 16th, 2019
Migration of PH Karlsruhe to the bwCard production joint venture (AP 1.2)

October 11th, 2019
Workshop on Cashless Campus in Konstanz (AP 2.2)

October 10th, 2019
2nd partner forum bwCard in Konstanz

  • Overall project status
    All project positions have now been filled. It was requested that the contact persons of the project at the individual universities actively investigate further services for use with the bwCard. To simplify the use of the bwCard for internal services, a card reader was introduced which can be programmed by the project team so that it can be used for bwCards immediately and without drivers.
  • WP 1.1
    On the basis of the technical variants presented in the last partner forum, a model for the transmission of the card status was presented. This is based on the existing bwIDM infrastructure. The resulting governance rules were presented and discussed.
  • WP 1.2
    The guide to participation in the bwCard production community, which was developed as a result of milestone 1.2 M1, was presented. The current status of the connection of data sources was presented. There are currently two models, one that concentrates on the transfer of personal data and their status and one that can also process externally set card statuses. The status of negotiations with the manufacturer of the card management system for a bwCard license was presented as a further strand of action.
  • WP 2.1
    A project proposal for the further development of the ESC is currently being developed by various European partners. What is essential here is the realization that the ESC will be continued by the EU Commission.
  • WP 2.2
    The results of the student survey were presented. For the next project phase, a proof of concept for a point of sales (POS) terminal for university sports at the University of Konstanz is planned as an additional focal point.


September 17th, 2019
Project discussion with the University of Stuttgart (AP 1.2)

September 11th, 2019
Videoconference for AP 2.2

September 10th, 2019
Final Presentation Internship "bwCard - Post-Coding Station

July 31, 2019.
Completion of the card exchange project at KIT. A total of over 50,000 KIT cards were exchanged.

July 23rd, 2019.
Brief presentation of the project at the bwTag and the plenary meeting of the SCC

July 5th, 2019
Migration of DHBW Karlsruhe into the bwCard production joint venture (AP 1.2)

June 26th, 2019
1st Partner Forum bwCard at KIT

  • WP 1.1
    Technical variants for exchanging the status information on the chip card were presented.
  • WP 1.2
    The concrete timetable for the AP was updated and presented. The structure of the production system was presented and discussed.
  • WP 2.1
    The requirements for participation in the European Student Card were presented. Additional information was sent after the session.
  • WP 2.2
    The evaluation of the topic was presented and discussed. A number of suggestions were made, which will be examined in the further course of the project. In particular, a survey is to be conducted among students on their payment behaviour in the university environment and their expectations.

June 13th, 2019
Videoconference of the working group on AP 1.1

May 31st, 2019
Willi Sievers leaves KIT's bwCard team for his well-deserved retirement. All the best for the future!

May 23rd, 2019
Working group meeting on AP 1.1.

May 14th, 2019
Survey on Cash-Less Campus (AP 2.2)

May 7th, 2019
Lecture at the 14th meeting of the DFN user group: bwIDM and bwCard - Building blocks of a bwDigID.
The slides were published on the side of the conference.

April 15th, 2019
Gabriele Schramm joins the bwCard team at KIT. Welcome to our website!

April 11th, 2019
Lecture at the annual meeting of the IuK working group of non-university universities in Baden-Württemberg.

April 5th, 2019
The practical course for the development of a coding station starts. The goal is to have a stand-alone station that will allow DESFire cards to be re-encoded. The internship is a cooperation with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Institute for Program Structures and Data Organization of the Faculty of Computer Science at the KIT.

March 27th, 2019
Workshop on work package 1.2 with the universities of Konstanz, Freiburg and Stuttgart.

March 26th, 2019
Discussion with the management of Nexus about the further development of the software "PRIME". This software forms the basis of the production community (WP 1.2).

March 12th, 2019
The Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe decides to participate in the production community (AP 1.2).

February 28th, 2019
Update of the PRIME version to 3.9. This software forms the basis of the production community (AP 1.2).

February 22nd, 2019
The University of Stuttgart is examining whether it will initially participate in the production community with the library cards.

February 6th, 2019
The funds for the project year 2019 were allocated by the MWK.

January 10th, 2019
First discussion at the University of Stuttgart about a participation in the production community (AP 1.2)

December 13th, 2018
Kick-off event at KIT. More than 40 people from almost 20 institutions in the country took part.

December 1st, 2018
The motion is approved. The financing is secured. The project starts.